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This site is in memory of the people who disappeared during the war of 1939-1945 .
The data you will find was published in the Journal Officiel (Official Journal of the French government).
It is not exhaustive.

If you find erroneous information, I would appreciate that you share them with me so I can make the necessary corrections.

A law for the memory

On 15 May 1985, the President of the French Republic promulgated Law No. 85-528, which stipulates that anyone deported and died during the Second World War, the term "death in deportation "is devoted to the death. Clearly provided for in order to ensure permanently in acts of civil status, the memory of extermination conducted during the war, this can be done on individual request of a dependent of the deceased, but in a systematic way by the Minister Delegate for Veterans Affairs.

Important work but largely incomplete

The Department of Veterans Affairs estimates that 115 500 people died in deportation. It is clear that the correction of each individual acts of death is a long and painstaking.

This does not only today only 80909 at the last update could actually benefit from the allocation of the word 'death in deportation ".

This work is completed with its agreement Significant precision concerning the lists of names of deportees: The data of origins were found in the files of the Journal Officiel consultable at the following address


I wish you a profitable reading and I await your comments

You will find 80909 people

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